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My Japanese maple tree died over the winter. It was doing fine last summer and fall. Can you tell me why seemingly healthy maple tree died?

Hi, I'm so sorry you lost a tree. Why is a difficult question to answer without seeing the tree or understanding the surrounding habitat. If trees are under stress - drought, root disruption, pests, diseases - they can take years to die and by the time we notice it's too late. If you ever have a question about a plant you can bring a sample into our Information Desk in our Garden Center. Our expert horticultural staff can help!

When is the annual container sale this year?

Will there be any holiday decorations out after new years?

Yes more than you want

I am trying to establish a value on two holly trees .one is 33 inch circumference and one is 44 inch circumference at 4' from ground. They were big when we moved in in 1972. This is for insurance purpose.

I'm sorry, I have no idea, if Molbaks can't give you an answer, try Flower World in Maltby.

Do you carry a tree/shrub called California wax Myrtle? And what is the price? Thank you!

Hi Tim, people answering this on here don't work at the store, we've only been there before. Your best bet would be calling the store and speaking to an associate who would have that info!

Do you carry Madame Hardy(Felicite)?

Hi, We don't have that type of rose in right now. Our plants change regularly so check back soon!

I have left two messages at the customer service regarding the purchase of boots that my I purchased a week ago and have not received a return call.The boots were in a box that were marked size 7 however they are a 9. I would like to return them??

Hi Gladys! Please bring your boots back into the store. We will gladly find the correct size.

Does Molbalk's sell Black Lace Elderberry bush/tree ? Love to have one in my garden❤

Yes we do! I love those pink flowers against the dark foliage this time of year.

Your question has been sent.

Expect an answer!